10 Plants Anyone Can Grow With Kids

10 best plants to grow with kids this summer
10 best plants to grow with kids this summer
Plants to grow for maximum fun with minimum effort!

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Whether you have a green thumb or not (and I’m guessing not since you are reading this post;) gardening with kids is such a rewarding activity! Besides the obvious benefits of being outside rather than glued to a screen, gardening can teach both parents and kids so much. It can be overwhelming to start if you have never grown anything on your own, but this list will get you started off small and simple! I have personally tested out each of these plants, (and my plants tend to survive despite me rather than because of me,) so I know anyone can grow them! If you have decided you want to get your hands dirty, read on for the 10 Plants Anyone Can Grow With Kids…

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Make Your Own Spring Nest!

natural material DIY nest

Happy (cold) first day of spring! We had a brief break in the rain and put together this spring nest toddler activity to combine some outdoor exploration with some quiet indoor play. Bonus, it uses just the materials you have in your yard and kitchen!

natural nest materials
A fun backyard search for materials!


We were inspired by an activity from this book (which is awesome!) where you put materials out in bowls and observe which ones birds choose to use in their nests. Unfortunately the birds didn’t cooperate… and a three year olds attention span isn’t well suited to patient scientific observation;) So we decided to make our own nest! This is the perfect springtime activity, and I love that it incorporates outdoor exploration with some quiet indoor play. We wandered around in the backyard and chose flowers, leaves and twigs while talking about what might make a good nest. I made sure to grab some long twigs that I knew we could weave together, but also let her choose anything that caught her eye.


  • Leaves, twigs and flowers
  • Egg (I had some early easter confetti eggs I found for $2 at, Target which were a fun addition, but you could use any type of egg you have on hand)
  • Scissors/clippers for twigs (make sure to get some green/live ones so that they are flexible)
  • Feathers/cotton balls etc
  • Twine, yarn or string
  • Pipe cleaners/chenille sticks would also work great for holding the nest together
bird nest toddler activity
The beginnings of a nest!

How To:

We simply worked together to twist the sticks, tie pieces together with the twine and weave pieces in and out. E was more interested in playing with the string and exploring the different materials than actually building:) Our spring nest didn’t turn out quite as ‘nesty’ as I was anticipating, but we did have a good conversation about springtime, different types of homes etc. It’s also a good chance to explore which materials work for weaving and which break. We used this tray, which is my new BFF for activities bc it contains the mess (as much as toddler messes can be contained;)

spring nest toddler activity
Confetti egg, in our spring nest!

If you’re looking for more natural material ideas for warmer weather, keep an eye out for more posts on creating a backyard playground. In the meantime you can setup your own Easy Mud Kitchen which offers so many options for free play outside! Have fun making your own spring nests:)

Mud, Bubbles, Paint: A recipe for an (easy!) messy playdate

mud, bubbles, paint, messy playdate

If you are like my husband and cringe at the thought of a ‘messy’ anything, fear not! While the littles did need a thorough bath after this messy playdate, the actual setup/cleanup is fairly simple (I wouldn’t have done it otherwise;) 

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paint in muffin tin
Splatter Painting!

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The Easiest Outdoor Play Kitchen

mud play kitchen out of fence boards and cinderblocks
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outdoor play kitchen mud
Simplest outdoor play kitchen for hours of fun!


Mud pies, mud lemonade, mudsicles, mud patties, mud muffins… HOURS my daughter has spent playing with this outdoor play kitchen. The best part? It took 5 minutes and $0 to put together.

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Wine Barrel Sandbox

Easy DIY sandbox
wine barrel sandbox, summer activities for preschoolers, toddler activity, backyard playground, fun is better than perfect
The best addition to any kids backyard!

SAND! It’s not just my kid, they all love it. Actually, I love it too;) I decided a DIY sandbox was a needed addition to our backyard. Of course I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. Once again, thank you Pinterest for all of the amazing inspirations like this and this, read on for my totally un-Pinteresty version;)

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