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Tis the season for being overwhelmed by all the things! Rediscover the joy of gifting by giving beautiful, meaningful books to your tiny human. My little one (almost 4!) and I have compiled this list of all of our favorite books. A trip to your local bookstore is always fun this time of year and such a nice change from the frenzy of the mall:) I hope you find some new favorite beautiful books for kids from this list! 

*I’ve included affiliate links for convenience and research purposes, which helps support the costs of running this site. If you have time to purchase these from your local bookstore though I encourage you to do that! Or check them out from your local library:)*

These gorgeous illustrations make little ones and parents alike want to dive right in!

Preschoolers will undoubtedly want you to read and re-read their books, make it more enjoyable with these beautiful books for kids (and parents!) This list is mostly geared for the 6 and under set. Many of our books, though listed as 4+, we started reading at under 2. While the 2 year old may not have followed all of the nuances, the lyrical writing and pictures of these books all stand the test of time and are still favorites years later!

Just a few of our collection of beautiful books for kids!

So without further ado, here is a list of a few of our favorite beautiful books for kids!

Yellow Kayak

by Nina Laden and Melissa Castrillon 

I totally judged this book by it’s beautiful cover! but once I opened it I found the story was as beautiful as it’s illustrations. I love tales of adventure and this is one of our favorites. It’s the tale of a young girl and her giraffe who take a yellow kayak out to sea. They encounter sea creatures, a frenzy of a storm and some surprise assistance from the giants of the sea. Great themes of friendship and bravery!

Rosie Revere, Engineer

by Andrea Beatty, Illustrated by David Roberts

This series has been our favorite for about 3 years now (yes I started reading it to her at 1:) She didn’t always make it all the way through the book in the beginning, but I didn’t mind because I enjoyed the rhyming story and quirky characters. A really well done book with a great lesson. Also, my daughter totally dressed up as Rosie Revere/ Rosie the Riveter for Halloween when she was 2 and it was fantastic:) “Life might have its failures but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.” 

The Night Gardener

By The Fan Brothers

I have two books by the Fan brothers in this list because oh my goodness, the illustrations! We were gifted this from friends for E’s 3rd birthday and it quickly became a favorite. It tells the story of a mysterious night gardener who creates magical topiaries, and how it brings a community together. My daughter is really excited now every time she sees a topiary, and I think it’s hilarious that topiary is in her vocabulary at the ripe old age of 3:)

Ocean Meets Sky

By The Fan Brothers

How gorgeous and magical are these illustrations?!

Also by the Fan brothers, pictures don’t do justice to these illustrations! This book deals with a boys loss of his grandfather and how he keeps his memory alive in a very gentle and beautiful way. The theme of loss might not be apparent to a young child (my daughter sees it more as an adventure book at the moment,) but if they have experienced a similar loss it might be a gentle way to open a conversation with them. The Fan brothers have created a magical world in this book.


By Dashka Slater, illustrated by Sydney Hanson

Escargot, beautiful books for kids, gift guid for preschoolers
A lovely tale of self love, c’est magnifique!

This is one of those silly books that make reading to your child an interactive activity! The Escargot encourages the child to get involved on his journey “…traveling to the salad at the end of this book.” “You should come!” he says. “I just need a little push to help me start.” I love how this book introduces prejudice and self confidence in such a lighthearted way. I mean, how adorable is the little Escargot in his little red necktie?! Also, parents can choose to practice their French accents to the delight of their littles, magnifique! Bonus: have a picky eater? This story ends with the little protagonist trying out a new food, and LIKING it!

The Book of Mistakes

By Corinna Luyken

Raising a tiny perfectionist? This book teaches resilience in the most delightful way! The words guide you through the creation of a wonderfully illustrated book where the artist takes her mistakes and makes something beautiful. “Do you see/how with each mistake/she is becoming?” A great book for age 3 up into elementary school!

 I hope you enjoy these beautiful books for kids as much as we do! I’ve found that the more I love a book the more excited I am to read it (for the thousandth time;) Our kids take their cues from us, so to me books that I am truly excited to read are a great investment! Parents will thank you for a quality book gift at birthdays as well, so much better than a toy that will be played with once and forgotten! They don’t take up much space  but offer a world of imagination. Oh, and here is the book I got for my daughter for Christmas which I can’t wait to give her, it’s gorgeous!

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  1. Your blog is on point! I have Rosie Revere, Engineer on my list, look forward to checking out the other ones you posted! Cheers!

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