Witches Brew! A Not So Spooky Halloween Activity For Kids

Get into the Halloween spirit with this Witches Brew! A not so spooky Halloween activity for kids. Having a preschooler makes the holidays so much more fun! Halloween can be a tricky one, though, as the little ones are not quite ready for the spookier side of the holiday. Trying to get in the spirit of the season I decided to take an old classic and add a bit of Halloween cheer to it! Read on for the simple ingredients and how to’s…

One thing that my daughter loves is anything involving baking soda and vinegar, I buy it in bulk lol:) I also happen to be a hoarder of cool bottles and jars, so creating a Witches Brew potions tray seemed like the perfect way to use materials I already had at home. This is one halloween activity for kids that is scarier for the parents who have to clean it up! Seriously though, we used our activity tray and all I had to do was dump it in the sink and wash it with the rest of the dishes, not so spooky after all right?!

Ingredients for your not so spooky halloween activity!

Witches brew, a not so spooky halloween activity for kids! potions, science experiments
Raid your kitchen for the best potion materials!

Most of these you should have in your kitchen but if you don’t, feel free to improvise, I guarantee the kid won’t notice:)  It doesn’t have to look perfect for your preschooler to have a blast mixing and pouring their way to a really excellent witches brew potion! A perfect Halloween activity for kids on rainy fall days!

  • Assorted Jars/Bottles: I had quite a few I had saved from the recycling bin, it’s a compulsion haha. Look for ones that have a slow pour like a soy sauce bottle to make it interesting!
  • Bottle Labels: I can’t find the ones I used but this Etsy download is great, and for less than a cup of coffee you can support another creative soul! Of course there are also these fantastic Harry Potter ones. I can’t wait till I can read the books to my little!
  • Double Sided Tape: This is what I had on hand, but if you want something waterproof you could use mod podge or a glue mixture to adhere.
  • Assorted Natural Materials: I used some of these fantastic Butterfly Pea flowers, which turn the water a beautiful blue when simmered! Bonus, you can Prime them;) Also, (and this is magical,) when you mix it with lemon or another citric acid they react to turn a pinkish color! You can also just use old spices or fresh flowers/weeds picked from around the house. Honestly I was more excited about the Pea flowers than the kid lol, and you can totally just use food dye.


         I also used some old leaves I had found outside, dry and perfect for crumbling.  A stick from the backyard           was perfect for stirring! 

  • Lemon Juice: If you grab the pea flowers definitely get some lemon juice for the little to mix it with! Have them do it in a glass bottle though, so they can get the most out of the reaction.
  • Food Coloring: Food coloring is one of our activity supply staples, as are the next two ingredients;) For a full list check out our Activity Supply Checklist!


  • Baking Soda: Yep, I buy this stuff in bulk and my kiddo hasn’t tired of it yet!
  • Vinegar: Add a few drops of your favorite food coloring to up the potion-y vibes
  • Dish Soap or Bubble Bath: This takes the baking soda and vinegar reaction to a whole new bubble-y level, and the bubbles stay around longer for the kids to continue stirring and mixing. We had some great cauldron explosions!
  • Pasta Bats: Totally unnecessary but really fun:) Use bowtie pasta and black food coloring or watercolor to dye them. Simply place in a bag with a tablespoon of vinegar and dye then lay on a tray and dry overnight.
Pasta Bats Halloween kids activity
An easy kitchen halloween hack!


Set Up Your Witches Brew Halloween Kids Activity!

Double, bubble, toil and trouble! Grab a baking tray if you don’t have a designated activity tray, it helps contain the mess and makes cleanup so much easier! If all goes well your little ones potion will bubble and brew and spill over:) I simply set out the bottles and cauldrons, with a small scoop for the baking soda. When the little one got back from preschool she headed right to it and it just took a few moments of prompting till she was engrossed. 

Witches Brew halloween Kids Activity
Double bubble boil and trouble!

Now get brewing! 

I admit I had as much fun as the little one mixing and pouring. The customization opportunities for this are endless! Add a few different ingredients and you can redo this over and over. I’d love to see what brews and potions you come up with! For more weekly project ideas follow me on Pinterest or Instagram!

Witches Brew, a not so spooky halloween activity for kids, preschool activities, halloween, potions, science projects, baking soda and vinegar
Your kids will have a blast creating their own potion!

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