Apple Picking Game For Preschoolers, DIY

Apple pie playdough, apple picking, apple pie making, we’ve been on an apple kick around here! While pondering new ways to use our delicious smelling apple pie playdough, I came up with the idea to create our own board game. Honestly it’s just a rip-off of the old High Ho Cherry Oh game we saw in a thrift store the other day, but the little is super excited so it’s a win:) We’ve had a ton of fun playing the game, practicing counting, and picking the delicious ‘apples’ on our game! Read on for a quick tutorial on how you can create your own!

apple spice playdough, board game diy, preschool apple picking game, counting
A delicious smelling apple picking game and counting practice all in one!




Apple Picking Spinner

I found this great tutorial from Kindergarten Chaos on how to make a game spinner using an old cd case, there is even a template if you want to get fancy and print out your spinner images! Then I got sidetracked looking at all of my old cd’s haha:) I found a particularly poor music choice and threw out the cd, then traced the size of the cover insert onto white paper so I could create my own spinner background. If you aren’t a mess like me, and have a printer that is working, definitely use the one in the link! Then I divided the paper into 4 sections and sketched a few apples, and colored them in with the little. I would definitely draw the numbers larger if I were to do it again, but this works for our Fun Is Better Than Perfect style:) Use a drop of super glue to glue the spinner to the middle (I did this before I put the paper in so I could line it up with the circle in the middle of the case.) 

apple picking game spinner, preschool activity, counting game, playdough apples
Apples or tomatoes? Fun is better than perfect;)

Apple Tree Game-board

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want it! I had it in my head I wanted it on a wood round, but settled for a rectangular slice that was about $6 at Michaels. This one on amazon is about the same dimensions though and you can order it with the spinners!

wood slice apple picking game board,
A great solid base for your apple picking game!


I started by pulling up a simple tree outline from the Super Coloring Pages website. Then sketched it out in pencil on the wood. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Your preschooler won’t care:) Then we used watercolors to color it in, super easy!

apple picking preschool game, playdough apples, preschool counting game, spinner activity
Freshly picked basket full of delicious smelling playdough apples!

Apple Crate

Honestly, this one was a total mess lol! I glued some popsicle sticks I cut in half to an old toothpick box and called it a day. You could literally use any tiny box/cup and skip this step and the kiddo wouldn’t notice I am sure! I spent about 5 minutes rolling tiny playdough apples, and while it was kind of a pain, the smell of this apple spice dough really makes the game! If you don’t have playdough on hand red poms work just as well!

Apple picking game for preschoolers, popsicle stick crate, playdough apples
Lots of glue and some popsicle sticks to make a tiny apple picking crate!

Apple Picking and Skills Building

This is a great game for practicing one to one correspondence! My little would spin, then count the apples directly onto the pictures on the spinner. If your preschooler is ready for more numbers, it’s easy to create new spinner inserts to add levels of difficulty. With the delicious smell of the apple pie playdough this was not the worst game to sit and play with the little (Candyland on the other hand, UGH!) I used it as an opportunity to talk about how many apples there were left, how many were in the basket, etc, etc. 

Apple picking game, preschool counting game
How adorable are these tiny apples! Your little will love ‘picking’ them!

Now go pick some apples!

Once you’ve created your own apple picking game I’d love to see how you make it your own! I plan on using the back of our game-board to make another game later on (those spinners come in a pack of 8;) Oh, and if you happen to go apple picking for real, do yourself and favor and get this fantastic peeler/corer contraption from amazon.


My little is obsessed with it and it’s a really fun way to prepare apples for a pie while baking with your little one! It has some sharp parts but if you are supervising closely I guarantee it will be a hit with the tiny human set. Next post will be a list of our favorite fall baking activities and supplies, jump on the email list to be first to know when it comes out!

apple picking game, preschool counting game, apple spice playdough,
A fun and easy game to make and play with your little ones!

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