New Life For An Old Bouquet! Flower Painting

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I always feel guilty throwing out an old bouquet, which means the flowers usually languish on the dining table until they are really sad looking… (Although the filter I used on this picture makes them look amazing still, just goes to show you can’t believe everything you see on the internet haha!) In the interest of giving these flowers one last burst of life before I composted them, we used the wilting blooms in this mornings flower painting art project.

flower painting
Flower Painting With Toddlers

I decided to do a simpler, indoor version of these Natural Paintbrushes we used for a Messy Play Date last summer. We’ve been using an old baking pan for a tray, which has been working to *somewhat* keep E’s enthusiastic painting contained. I simply cut some blooms, put a few dabs of paint on a paper plate and let her explore.

My initial idea was to use coordinating spring/flowery colors so that the end result would be nice and bright… The reality was that E spied the brown paint and was all about it! For me creativity and giving her the chance to explore overrules my dreams of Pinterest perfection, so…

flower painting
Flower prints

We used this opportunity to name the parts of the flower (petal, stem, stamen, pistil etc.) and talk about pollen. Maybe this is over my 3 year olds head but it keeps me entertained trying to remember my grade school science:) I also showed her different ways to move the flower to get different patterns. We ended by painting directly on the flowers themselves.

flower painting
Painting with old flowers

Overall a win because it A) Encouraged me to clean the wilting flowers off the table and B) It let E explore some new textures and upped our painting game. I also highly recommend a painting tray or old baking pan. I’m considering this one, but I will keep you updated once I try it out!

Yours in fun and parenting!



8 thoughts on “New Life For An Old Bouquet! Flower Painting

  1. This is actually really creative, i also feel guilty throwing away bouquets, especially cause i am not a flower person but this is such a great idea!

    1. If you don’t have a bouquet it would work just as well with weeds picked by the sidewalk haha;) I prefer my flowers in the garden also!

    1. Thank you! We had so much fun almost as importantly it was SO easy to put together, my fave type of activity:) Happy painting!

  2. This is such a great idea. I never really have flowers in the house since I have nowhere to put them (small house) but I’ll have to do this next time I do!

    1. I feel you, bay area living equals cozy homes:) This project idea can be done with any natural material you find outside on a walk, as well!

  3. Such a clever idea! I actually still have my wedding bouquet from 3 years ago. Yup, it’s in my freezer haha! Something like this would be neat!

    1. Haha that’s great! You must have a bigger freezer than I do;) That would be really cool to do an imprint art piece with the whole bouquet on a canvas maybe! (If you ever decide you want your freezer space back:)

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