The Easiest Outdoor Play Kitchen

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outdoor play kitchen mud
Simplest outdoor play kitchen for hours of fun!


Mud pies, mud lemonade, mudsicles, mud patties, mud muffins… HOURS my daughter has spent playing with this outdoor play kitchen. The best part? It took 5 minutes and $0 to put together.

I love Pinterest, I really do, but sometimes after staring at gorgeous artisan/small batch/bespoke/organic/lovingly crafted activities and parenting ideas you just need to #throwsomethingtogetheralready! So this is how I arrived at my second favorite (check out my post on the easiest DIY Sandbox for number 1;) backyard play space. I pinned some gorgeous DIY play kitchens here, check them out if you’re feeling ambitious, otherwise this is what you need for my super simple outdoor play kitchen:


2 Fence boards or other flat wood
4 Cinder Blocks
Jug like this
Old Pots and Pans, funnels etc

Build Your Outdoor Play Kitchen:

Stack the cinder blocks, put the wood on top, add some sort of water jug and call it a day! (Side note, apparently I say ‘Call it a day’ way too often and my 3 year old announced recently she would just ‘put this one toy away and call it a day’ haha) The cinder block holes make perfect shelves for the play kitchen gear when not in use.

I’ve found that having the ability to get their own water saves you time jumping up to refill their water receptacle (when you could be drinking coffee.) Pro tip: get a water jug with a button that has to be depressed for the water to flow, otherwise your little will probably just open it up and watch it run… Then you are back to refilling whilst lecturing a bemused toddler on the current drought we are having.

Over time I’ve helped my daughter add in new ‘ingredients’ by picking weeds and flowers for ‘soup’ and adding new tools like funnels. This summer I think I will tackle an easy herb garden for her to pick from, stay tuned! I’ve found the addition of new materials will help your little rediscover the old play area anew.

Happy mud pie’ing!

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