Wine Barrel Sandbox

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The best addition to any kids backyard!

SAND! It’s not just my kid, they all love it. Actually, I love it too;) I decided a DIY sandbox was a needed addition to our backyard. Of course I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. Once again, thank you Pinterest for all of the amazing inspirations like this and this, read on for my totally un-Pinteresty version;)

In the interest of not cluttering our backyard with something that the tiny human might only play with for a few days/weeks, I decided to make a smaller investment of space and money than a full scale sand pit. Bonus, this is small enough for a back patio if you are a city or apartment dweller! Just be warned, the sand will find it’s way into your house no matter how hard you try to keep it out…  A great tip from a co-worker is to keep a bag of cornstarch or baby powder near the back door, it will take wet sand off hands and feet like magic! Great tip for the beach too:) We made it when our daughter was just learning to stand (it’s a perfect height for a toddler to pull themselves up!) and she is still playing with it a year and a half later! As we try to simplify our home and clear up clutter, I’ve been looking at the longevity of the toys we choose to have. This DIY sandbox totally wins in the money invested versus play hours equation!

wine barrel sandbox
A perfect DIY sandbox for small spaces!

Like our Mud Kitchen and other exploratory stations, the addition of new materials can often reengage them once they’ve grown bored with the station. We’ve gotten great use out of an inexpensive tube of tiny dinosaurs purchased off of Amazon, I’ve also seen them at Target in larger versions. The addition of water also can make this DIY sandbox a whole new activity! We have brought out funnels from the dollar store, measuring cups, fake and real flowers and rocks and seashells. We added more sand after a year or so as it tended to get dumped/rained on/mixed with dirt from our Mud Kitchen


Sandbox Materials:

Wine Barrel planter from Lowes
8 1/2 lb Bags of PLAY sand (there are other types that aren’t as clean) like this

Toys For Play:


The Finished Product!

So simple and quick to put together, one trip to Lowe’s and your done:) Now you can enjoy a cold drink or coffee with other adults while your toddler is entertained for hours on end!

DIY sandbox out of quarter wine barrel
Wine barrel DIY sandbox

Altogether I think we spent about $60 on this DIY sandbox project. I also know that once she is over playing with sand we can repurpose it as a planter. My favorite DIY kid project to date! I’d love to see pictures of your completed sandboxes. I imagine you clever overachievers will also have some great extension ideas, let’s see them! If you’re looking for more backyard playground inspiration follow us on Pinterest!

DIY Wine barrel sandbox

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